LabPortico ROI Calculator

Average Number of Orders Monthly  
Percentage of Orders that are placed via fax, email, mail %
Time Saved per Order if placed via Internet Minutes
Time Saved per Order if Results downloaded via Internet instead of mailing and/or faxing Minutes
Number of Results/Reports Requested from Archives Monthly by Clients  
Time taken to Process Archival Retrieval and then Fax, email, or Mail to Client the Results/Report Minutes
Average Labor Cost per Hour (the calculator will apply a typical burden rate) $/hour
Monthly Savings
Yearly Savings

LabPortico will pay for itself in less than a year.

Other Benefits:

  • Customers and Lab Contacts receive regular emails when the status of test services changes, e.g. Accepted, Received, Completed
  • The website interface makes it easy and yet secure to share test results with colleagues
  • Internal messaging component facilitates collaboration and provides a secure and reliable means of communication between Customers and Lab Contacts
  • Pricing can be maintained for any combination of Client and Test Service/Method
  • Integration with your LIMS system is possible via XML or a custom interface, e.g. SOAP
  • Results of any type are supported, e.g. File Attachment (individual or directories), Boolean, Numeric with range, Free Form Text
  • Optional component allows you to export your invoices directly into QuickBooks
  • Base platform is free of licensing constraints as it is built on an Open Source environment, a Microsoft solution is available at a premium